Fragrant flowers and leaves, beautiful in herb gardens and excellent in containers. They attract bees and butterflies. Cut a clutch of them and hang upside down to dry. The dried flowers and leaves are prized for potpourri, scented oils, and crafts.

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4in Lavender,PCL.jpg
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Grower's Notes:

USDA Zone: 5 to 8.

Colors: Purple, lavender and white.

Genus: Lavendula.

Sizes: 4 in, 6 in. 

Availability: April - September.

How To Care For Your Plant:

Water: Maintain moderate to dryer soil.

Light: Place in bright light.

Temperature: Moderate temperatures (60 to 70°F). Direct sun outdoors.

Next Step: Disbud spent blossoms. Long seasonal bloomer, does well in arid climates in many planting zones.