Handsome leaves and rich texture to a wide range of leaf shape and runners. Ivy thrive indoors and out. Maintain moist soil to dry, never wet. Ivy runners like to trail and can be trained on posts, topiary frames or walls. The foliage remains green and rarely sheds making this a clean plant to enjoy. Medium light required.

Grower's Notes:

USDA Zone: 5 to 9.

Colors: Green & variegated.

Genus: Hedera.

Sizes: 4 in, 6 in. 

Availability: Year-round.

How To Care For Your Plant:

Water: Maintain moist soil, do not let soil dry out or stand in water.

Light: Place in bright light indoors.

Temperature: Mild temperatures (65 to 78°F), shaded or direct sun outdoors.

Next Step: Fertilize regularly, pinch back to promote new leaf growth.

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