Exclusive to Por La Mar, the Garden Party is comprised of 3 potted plants within the same pot and patented container. Our daily mix of Mini Roses, Calla Lily and Hedera Ivy. From spring to winter, the color combinations change seasonally.

6in Garden Party-WhiteTin-.jpg
6in Spring Garden Party-Tins-Group 3-.jp
6in Autumn Garden Party in Terra Cotta P

Grower's Notes:

USDA Zone: Varies, based on plant.

Colors: Seasonal gardens mix Spring, Autumn and red/white for Christmas.

Genus: Varies, based on plant.

Sizes: 6 in. 

Availability: Year-round.

How To Care For Your Plant:

Water: Maintain moist soil, water each wedge section.

Light: Place in medium light.

Temperature: Mild temperatures (45 to 85°F), keep from heater.

Next Step: Disbud spent blossoms. Enjoy while in bloom, in many planting zones they are fantastic garden bloomers.