Vibrant butterfly shaped blossoms with deep green heart shaped foliage. Colors range from pure white to deep fuchsia purple while long lasting as a blooming plant or snip a few and enjoy in a bud vase. Fun-fact: every leaf is attached to a flower.

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Grower's Notes:

USDA Zone: 8 to 10.

Colors: Pink, hot pink, white, red, purple, burgundy and variegated. 

Genus: Myrsinaceae.

Sizes: 4 in, 6 in. 

Availability: Year-round.

How To Care For Your Plant:

Water: Maintain moist soil, not wet.

Light: Place in low to medium light.

Temperature: Cool to mild (55 to 70°F).

Next Step: Pull out spent blossoms and seed pods. Enjoy long lasting blooms, vase flower too.