Native to South Africa, the calla lily are lovely waxy flowers that add a tropical appearance to the garden or indoors. Striking as a cut flower or beautiful addition to the garden. Can be wintered indoors at a house plant where not hardy and store roots in a cool dry place to transplant in early spring.

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The term "Bossa Nova" translates to, "new wave" or "new trend," and is commonly associated with a Brazilian genre of music. Although we love music, our passion and love for flowers leads us to find new and creative ways to add vitality to our customer's lives.


Our Bossa Nova combination consist of 2 different colored bulbs combined in 1 pot - brining an array of color and variety to any environment.


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Grower's Notes

USDA Zone: 10 to 11.

Colors: Pink, yellow, garnet, blush-white, hot pink, orange, flame, and purple.

Genus: Zantedeschia.

Sizes: 4 in, 6 in. 

Availability: February - December.

How To Care For Your Plant:

Water: Maintain moist soil, not wet.

Light: Place in bright light.

Temperature: Mild (65 to 78°F).

Next Step: The rhizome can be wintered indoors and replanted outdoors for next season.